Briefly in English


Mediatonic Management Ltd is a new project co-financing fund and management company. Mediatonic invests in Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in commercial games, media brands, television formats, multimedia products as well online services, originating from Finland and the rest of the Nordic Countries.

Mediatonic has developed an unique financing model for media and gaming projects and products. Mediatonic is not a classical venture capitalist or early stage seed-finance sponsor. Mediatonic will invest in the Intellectual Product Rights (IPRs) of the product, not in the target company’s equity capital.

Our financing can range from a very small investment up to typical 500k€ depending the project size. When choosing an investment object there are few factors that are important for us: project is pre-commercializated and market-driven, has multi-channel opportunities, has experience in management and designer teams and there is a long-term revenue stream potential in the brand.

Mediatonic For INVESTOR:

  • An unique investment model and financial instruments suitable for investing in Creative Economy
  • Excellence in fund and investment portfolio management
  • Management team has proven track record in creative businesses entrepneurship, finance and product design

Mediatonic For ENTREPRENEUR:

  • Mediatonic Model enables to keep your IPRs in the company and maximize its future business potential
  • Mediatonic’s ability to finance outside a classical VC structure makes a difference in being able to maximize the value of the IPR by not having VC restrictions set to the company
  • Our experience in areas ranging from building up cross-media strategy, operative management to our expertise in international financial & publishing transactions

Mediatonic For PUBLISHER:

  • Co-operation with Mediatonic lowers significantly the Publisher’s financial risk
  • Mediatonic has excellent local networks in Nordic gaming Ecosystems and creative industry stakeholders
  • Mediatonic enables cross platform and multichannel optimization of original IP and brand sharing